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Organization of the challenge

Participants or players must come to the competition field with all the necessary equipment: kites, cutting lines and reels, ready to fly.

No flight testing or any preparation for the challenge must take place on the flying field ( competition ground).

Participants who are not ready on time and without the correct equipment will be disqualified.

All parts of the equipment used for the championship or challenge will be checked and stamped for approval by the referee before the competition and on registration for participation. All must be done previous to taking part on the competition field.

The competition will run with pools ( groups) of 6 players up to the quarter final. Each pool will do its own judging with the designation of a referee for each round, this till the quarter final with the organizer having overall control of the event.

Each fight or tangle is one to one, till everyone has played everyone in the same pool.

In case of conflict in the decision in the pool of 6 players, the other players may ask help from the official referee.

The quarter final , semi final and final will be judged by two official referees who will make the absolute decision.

Size and type of kites

1-Only bamboo and paper kites are accepted. The maximum size will be 70 cm x 70 cm . Only bright colours and pastel tones are not allowed, the rest of the colours are accepted. ( The kite must be seen without difficulty while flying at the fighting distance) . The referee may take a decision on whether a colour is acceptable or not.

2-All cutting lines are acceptable except for aluminium type or metal reinforced and kevlar.

3- All hand lines ( the part of line from the cutting line to the reel) are tolerated except for kevlar and any metal based lines.

Each player will be fully responsible for his or her equipment ( kites and cutting lines), which will have to be controlled and stamped for approval by the challenge organizer or referee. Any player not following the rules will be disqualified at once.

Preparation for the challenge

1-The distance on the ground between each player will be 30 meters. The box ( marked space on the field) will be 3 meters x 7 meters.

2-The flying distance between the players and their kites will be a minimum of 150 meters. In case of protest, the referee only will ask the players to shorten or lengthen the line if necessary.

3- Position of the players: the position of both players must be rigorously at right angles to the wind, that is the kite must be waiting straight downwind. Until the last moment before the match the referee may, at the request of a player or on his or her own initiative, have one or both players move forward or backwards in order to be in the correct position to play.

4-Each player can receive assistance to launch the kite and to hold the reel during the match.

5-Signal from the referee to start the game: the referee will ask each player if he or she is ready to start flying the kite. Once all conditions are set for a proper match, then the referee will give the order to start playing (fighting).

The fight

1-Position of players: after the signal to begin flying the kite, the players must not come out of the marked box on the ground, otherwise they will be disqualified by the referee. Only one warning will be given.

2-The winner: the player whose kite remains in flight on its own, is declared winner either because he or she has cut with his or her own line the line of the other player, or because the other player cannot control his or her kite for more than 10 seconds for whatever reason ( falling to the ground, getting caught in a tree , broken line or entanglement).

3- Drawn result: in case of simultaneous cutting of the two lines, the match is declared a draw; for example if both kites are cut within 10 seconds of each other.

4- Refusal to fight: if a player openly refuses to fight by keeping his or her kite out of the fighting flying space, the referee can bring the match to an end and declare that player the loser.

5- Time limit of the match: the match will be limited to 5 minutes. Beyond this time the referee determines by tossing the coin which of the two players must play his or her kite above the other, and vice versa . Then , on the referee's signal the two kites should immediately cross their lines until one of them is cut.

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Nu va. tai jau visi galit savo plastmases surogatus ismest laukan. Imam popiertiu, bambuka ir viska, kas gamtos sutverta.

Mano stropų gale skrieja tavo mintys ir niekaip nesuprantu, kuris kūrį valdo...

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Kai būsi pasiruošęs dalyvauti su bambukiniu-popieriniu aitvaru, tada spalva pasirodys arba per daug pastelinė, arba per daug ryški :lol: :lol: :lol:

"Only bright colours and pastel tones are not allowed, the rest of the colours are accepted."

Vėjas pučia, bet tai baika, mano kūną šildo maikė.

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tj cia ciujiu fanatu taisikles,idomu kajp jie i toki sureaguotu Paveikslėlis

atsakymas į visus klausimus - HALF AXELIS!

skype/veidaknygė- zubitto

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